My Story

Hey there and thank you for checking out my page! I'm Kristy, wife, mom, and business owner! I discovered this fabulous company many moons ago...and then I rediscovered them remembering WHY I fell in love in the 1st place. It was at that moment that I knew I could not let this beautifully smelling company out of my sight again. 

With Scentsy I love the quality and safety of the products. I mean how many products do you know that you can leave on ALL night and not have to worry about burning down the house??? I decided to join the team because I LOVE the products and I want you to LOVE them too! I love the sense of smell because scents can really transform your mood. The tropical scents can take you back to your favorite vacation....the foodie scents can make you feel the warm and snugglies of Grandma's cookies baking in the oven....and the fresh scents can make you feel like you are relaxing on the porch on a beautiful Spring day. And you see, with Scentsy, I don't have to worry about all that black smoke floating around my rooms. 

One the the best things I have discovered about this fab company is the amazing people that I get to meet while earning some extra income....after all I have 4 kiddies!